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The Robert Rose Foundation

The Robert Rose Foundation was created in 1999, soon after the death of Robert Rose, a brilliant sportsman who became a quadriplegic as a young man. Robert’s family, led by Collingwood football legend Bob Rose, created the Foundation to assist people with spinal cord injuries who are in necessitous circumstances. Following Bob Rose’s death in 2003, the Foundation now effectively commemorates the two Robert Roses. The Foundation is chaired by Bob Rose’s son Peter. Other Trustees include Kevin Rose, Andrew Demetriou and Natalie Harwood (Rose), Craig’s wife.

On Valentines Day 1974, soon after his 22nd birthday, Robert was involved in a terrible car accident on the way home from the Geelong Races. He was left a quadriplegic. For the next 25 years, Robert’s passion for sport never diminished, however, he had to cope with being the observer rather than the player. Robert’s father Bob Rose Senior said,

“…. when I visited Robert every day for 8 months at the Austin Hospital, I also met many young quadriplegics who faced a very bleak future. Those people who live with spinal injuries are in desperate need of support and the Robert Rose Foundation can make a significant contribution towards helping those people.”

Funds raised by the Foundation go towards providing support to those with spinal cord injuries, especially young people who have become quadriplegics, so that they can pursue active and fulfilling lives.

Blue Ribbon Foundation

 The Blue Ribbon Foundation was incorporated in 1998 after several committees, all working to memorialise members of the Victoria Police killed in the line of duty, combined to form one organisation.   The foundation has volunteer business units that manage and implement all of its fundraising events plus there are 15 regional branches in country Victoria that provides focus and fundraising in their local communities.   The Foundations aim is to remember members of the Victoria Police killed in the line of Duty through the support of worthwhile community projects in Victoria.

These aims are achieved through a wide range of projects and activities across Victoria that not only promote awareness but also raises funds for important projects that benefit all Victorians.   The foundation provides for new and improved facilities in public hospitals named in memory of the fallen officers.   It’s a program that remembers lives by saving others.

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Australian Cancer Research Foundation

 The Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) is dedicated to helping find the cures for cancer through continued funding for world-class cancer research in Australia. The cancer charity foundation is dedicated to finding a cure for this devastating disease which affects one in three Australians.   Established in 1984, this cancer charity foundation has evolved into one of Australia’s leading not-for-profit organisations. In total, ACRF has awarded more than $86 million ($60 million in just the last seven years) to world-class Australian research initiatives.

Every dollar of every donation (100%) received by the ACRF goes to cancer research. In particular, it goes to research with the power to beat cancer, research that is vital to the development of effective treatments and diagnostic measures for all types of cancer.

The Australian Cancer Research Foundation vision is of a world where cancer research scientists are enabled and equipped to achieve things tomorrow that they could only dream of today, to eradicate cancer and its affects on people.